We need your help to save these girls. Your sponsorship or donation will help save a life.

Residential Program

We provide a safe and loving home for healing the abused. Oftentimes, this is the first time these kids have had a home that feels safe because their family may have sold them into the sex trade.

Equine Therapy

In addition to our own personal experience with it, there is an increasing body of scientific and evidential data proving the benefits of equine-assisted therapy for vulnerable individuals and trauma survivors.


Many children sold into the sex trade were also removed from the educational system. We test kids to find their grade level to grow confidence and competency so they can graduate high school.

Trade Skills

We prepare our students for future employment by helping them discover their unique skills, talents and gifts, while teaching them a variety of trade skills suited to their interests.

Yoga & Meditation

We encourage a daily practice of yoga to calm their anxiety and provide self-regulation. Our meditation classes allows each person to reconnect with their bodies and feel in control again.

Health & Nutrition

Our goal is to heal the mind, body, and soul during the program. Eating right, having good hygiene, and exercising are crucial in building a positive future. The food we serve is completely organic and high quality.