The Problem


Currently, not a single safe home for minors exists in Costa Rica that is dedicated to the treatment of traumatized and trafficked children that have been removed from the sex trade.

  • In Costa Rica, one in three children under the age of 18 are sexually abused or sex trafficked.
  • Approximately 80% of violators in the Costa Rican sex trade are from the United States.
  • Average life span of a child once forced into the commercial sex trade is only seven years. 

These children, having been through incredible trauma, need a safe community that gives unconditional love during their healing process and can provide a variety of therapies to help them reclaim their self-worth.

Our Mission & Vision

Saving Hearts Together is restoring the lives of children in Costa Rica who have been removed from the sex trade by providing a holistic, live-in program that meets their physical, emotional, psychological, and educational needs.

We want every child who enters Saving Hearts Together program to leave with a sense of dignity and empowerment, knowing they are loved, valued, and free to choose the trajectory of their future.