Our Response

Pilot Program Impact

Saving Hearts Together piloted a unique program for 24 months, housing and treating 31 girls rescued from the sex trade. The program blended traditional therapy and equine therapy with educational studies and wellness practices, allowing Saving Hearts Together to see firsthand the life-changing effect of exceptional therapy
alongside a community of love.

Through the pilot program, Saving Hearts Together built deep relationships with the girls that continue today.

Successes of the Pilot:

  • 20 out of 31 girls are continuing their recovery journey, not prostituting, and living in safe and supportive environments (some supported by Saving Hearts Together)
  • Run-away rate for the program was very low – 23% for Saving Hearts Together vs. 70% safe house average internationally.
  • Girls are beginning to graduate from high school, with the first to have received her diploma in September 2018, opening the doors for employment. Ana’s Story: Ana* was sold by her mother at the age of five for a cell phone, and then sold continuously every week for groceries. When she came to Saving Hearts Together at age 12, Ana believed her worth was only $5. Through much work, including extensive equine therapy, Ana now knows that her life has immeasurable value and has been able to release much of her anger. She finished the Saving Hearts Together program and is currently living with her adoptive family in Costa Rica. She will graduate from High School in 2019.

*Name changed to protect privacy