Our Program

Saving One Heart at a Time

Saving Hearts Together provides a live-in program for up to 100 girls ages 8 to 18, with a minimum stay of 18 months. The program is offered on a private 40-acre property in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The site will have approximately 10 acres of residential and private community space, with the remaining acreage dedicated to equine therapy, farming, and exploring. 

The program provides an onsite psychologist for individual and group therapy, three full-time teachers to meet educational needs, eight house moms to provide love, support, and oversight, a director of operations, a chef, organic gardeners and groundskeepers, a full-time equine specialist, and many volunteers to teach extracurricular classes.

Equine-Assisted (Horse) Therapy is a critical part of the program because it has shown to help people who have undergone trauma to learn how to trust again. In addition to equine therapy, we use a variety of other alternative therapies (art, music, photography, EMDR) to customize a program to meet the needs of each individual in their healing journey.