A little about what we do.


To provide a safe and loving home to children previously trafficked in the sex trade, while meeting their physical, psychological, and educational needs.


To see every child that goes through our program leave with a sense of dignity and empowerment, knowing they are loved, valued and free to choose the trajectory of their future.


Love, Respect, Authenticity, Trust and Compassion

Our goal...

...is to provide a safe place for underage survivors of human trafficking to heal, learn, and grow. 

We are the only facility in Costa Rica that offers full support—including counseling, education, and a family environment—to survivors. Our staff includes a full-time psychologist, teachers, directors, and house moms, all of whom act as trusted guides and confidants. In addition to traditional counseling and academics, we offer extra-curricular activities such as sewing, art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, gardening, music therapy, photography, cooking, and field trips. All of these activities nurture them on their path to healing.  By the time they finish the program, these girls are prepared to enter into society as capable young women. They pursue their dreams and never again need to use their bodies as a source of income.

What we fight...

  • Each year more then one million children around the world are forced into prostitution.

  • The average life span of a child in the sex industry is only 7 years after entering the trade.

  • An estimated 30,000 victims of Human Trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect.

  • Eighty percent of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24, and some are as young as six years old.

  • Criminal organizations are increasingly attracted to human trafficking because, unlike drugs, humans can be sold repeatedly.


Together we can make a difference!

You can choose to sponsor a girl’s progress through the program, give a fixed monthly recurring donation, or make a one-time donation.

You can also offer support by helping us spread the word by setting up a speaking engagement for your group or organization, or by hosting a fundraiser for friends and family.

You can donate professional services or arrange for corporate donations of various goods needed.

You can volunteer to work with the girls remotely, giving them regular opportunity to practice their English skills.

You can help us make a difference!