Together We Can Help Them!

The road to recovery!

Helping these children heal from their physical and emotional wounds takes specialized environments and care.
We care for the whole child, helping them walk the long road to recovery...and a future they control.


Safe, Secure Lodging

Our program starts off by providing safe, secure lodging for children rescued from the sex trade.  We protect them and give them a safe place to focus on recovery.

Specially Trained Staff and Caregivers

Carefully screened staff and employees are all trained to recognize and deal with the special needs of children who have suffered extreme sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

Full-time Psychologists and Teachers 

We employ specially trained psychologists and teachers, who are onsite daily to provide the children with one-on-one, as well as group, therapy and learning environments.

Addiction Recovery Assistance

Many children are intentionally addicted to drugs as part of their induction into the sex trade.  Even more fall into the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism.

Life and Career Skill Development

While they reclaim their lives, we help prepare them for life after our program.  We ensure they have the skills to care for themselves, as well as skills that help ensure they are employable.

Post-Program Assistance 

Each program participant has their own vision for their life.  Some head off to college.  Others find employment they enjoy.  Still others start families.  We support their choices...and them! 

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